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Basically the stuff that makes babies bounce and the elderly break.

I first learned about the fascial system in my Kaua'i training.  During the past 10+ years I have been learning more and more through various workshops, continuing education courses, and of course, experience.  I continue my learning every day, and find working at a "top 10 destination spa" a great way to find out more about fascia!

The Fascial System is a pliable, never-ending web of support, structure, balance, and protection. Fascia begins at our cells, therefore, is the basis of us, and, in my opinion, has been largely discredited by the medical society due to the fact that they used cadavers, not live human beings, as the basis of medicinal knowledge.  Helpful, of course, yet not an accurate and complete "description".

Fascia is inter-woven so finely, as evidence in the "marbling" of meat.  Fascial restrictions can pull from your left lower back and end up in your right shoulder, or maybe your left shoulder.  Maybe your right knee will receive the effect, or perhaps your left knee.  Then it could travel to your feet or up to your neck.  It depends on how your body compensates for that lower back, how you move, how you handle stress, etc.  

Finally getting the recognition it deserves, you can find out first hand why fascia is so important.  Currently there are no tests to show fascial disfunction.  The only way is through palpation ~ MASSAGE!

My Mom called one day to tell me that "Dr. Oz believes in massage!  It is important to the body and the one thing that medical Doctors don’t learn about in Medical School is fascia"!!!!

Unless you are a DO - Doctor of Osteopathy - with a "hands on" approach!

I've personally asked the many MD's I get to work on, and they all say the same thing.  The only thing they really learned about fascia was, "it's what you move to get to the muscle".  Thank goodness fascia is finally starting to get the recognition it deserves!

Think about it:

If you took everything out of the body and left the fascia, your body would retain it's shape!


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