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Structural Integration

What is Structural Integration?

SI is a series of 10 sessions, each lasting 60 to 90 minutes, and focuses on a different part of the body in order to integrate a "new" you.  

Your fascia will adapt to injuries, surgeries, and even emotional situations.  Over time, the body will continually adapt to these changes.  Gravity will also play a major role over time as well.  Most people have become disassociated with their own body and don't know how they feel in their body.  

Your bodies natural state is health.  If your fascia is holding certain learned or adapted patterns at 2,000 pounds of pressure per square inch, you will notice certain pains come and go or seem to move around.  This is your body, your fascia, which is constantly compensating for posture, stress, and gravity.

Structural Integration frees up your body so that its natural health may be restored.

The sessions are generally grouped together as the first three - the "sleeve" sessions, the next three - the "core" sessions, the seventh is the "bridge", and the 8th, 9th, and 10th are the integration sessions.

The first session opens the chest, allows for greater respiration, and lengthens the front line.

The second session helps to ground and balance the feet giving you "a leg to stand on" and lengthens the back line.

The third session established an energetic connection between the shoulder and pelvic girdle and lengthens the side line.

The fourth session helps to free up the pelvic underpinnings, establishes an energetic connection, and lengthens the core.

The fifth session helps to release the anterior pelvic floor, establishes an energetic connection between your trunk and your lower extremities, and lengthens the front and core lines.

The sixth session is a back line lengthener, helps to balance the pelvis as a base for the lower vertebrae, and lengthens the back line.

The seventh session establishes an energetic connection between the body and the head.

The eighth, ninth, and tenth sessions work to integrate the other sessions.  One focuses on the upper half, the lower half, and then the whole.

These sessions invlove active and passive movements.  That means you will be assisting in your sessions!  

This work will change your posture.  You will notice you will move more freely and pain will be lessened if not removed.  You will probalby also need to but a new pair of shoes to assist in your new stride!

The 10 session series of Structural Integration is available for $120 per session.  If 10 sessions are paid in full, you will receive a $200 savings!

For women, please be comfortable - wear a 2 piece bathing suit or underwear and sports bra.  Men please wear shorts, bathing suit, or whatever you feel comfortable in.  Body reading will be done as well as observation of your walk.

Any questions, please call!

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